Ama is looking for a safe place to live

Ana had rented a room for herself and her 15 year old son, but because of her extremely
unpleasant landlord she didn’t feel safe and had to leave.

Ana was born and bred in Amsterdam, her parents came from Ghana.
For 2 years now she has been living with her father during weekdays and with her sister in
Amstelveen during weekends.
Because she had to flee the unsafe situation at her previous address.
She has recently found out that she suffers from ADD, on top of that she has to deal with a
burnout and depression.
She is willing to move anywhere in the Netherlands in order to create a stable situation for her
son, so that he will be able to bring friends home for example.
Would you be willing to help Anna find such a place?
We are looking for someone who is patient and persevering, who is able to disentangle a chaotic
situation; someone who will be available for around 2 hours a week or every fortnight during at
least 6 months to a year, living in or near Amsterdam.
We offer professional coaching and inter vision, travel expenses, free access to all training
facilities the volunteers academy has to offer.
And the knowledge that your effort really does make a difference to someone else ‘s life.
What it offers you is that you will mean a lot to the person you are helping, who’s life you are
making a little more joyful an easier.
Moreover it will enrich your own life by broadening your own horizon and meeting a fellow citizen
who under different circumstances you would not have met.
As for for hours and location, that will be between you and Ama to agree upon.
As mentioned earlier, allow for a morning or afternoon, a minimum of 2 hours every week, or every
2 weeks during a period of at least one year.
Getting to know each other
Apply! And you will get an invitation for an interview with one of our coordinators.
If both parties are satisfied, there will be a training to prepare you, after which you will be able to
get started.

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