The Boogieland Foundation has a mission: Free boxing for everyone! We place fully equipped boxing stations in public spaces in Amsterdam so everyone can work on their mental and physical health.

What’s the job of a Bagmaster?
You’ll regularly visit the Boogieland boxing bags in the public spaces of Amsterdam. This could be once a week or several times a month.
You keep an eye on the boxing stations to see if everything looks representable and tidy. You check if there’s any maintenance required.
You can do small maintenance jobs yourself. For instance when there’s a small tear in the boxing bag you can fix it with some duct tape. Larger repairs you report to us so we can take care of it.
We currently have 20 boxing bags in Amsterdam so there’s always something to do! When you own a scooter you can move quickly between the different districts of Amsterdam but a bike will get you around as well and gives you a bit of a workout! If you encounter people at the boxing bags this gives you a great opportunity for a chat and find out who uses our boxing bags and how often!
Unfortunately our boxing bags are sometimes damaged by vandalism. It would be great if you can visit that location as quickly as possible. When the boxing bags are torn and open the filling will fall out which is a sad sight to see and a nuisance for the neighborhood. It’ll take a lot of bin bags and a broom to tidy up the area again.

Required knowledge and skills: No specific skills are required, a lot of enthusiasm and a bit of technical insight will go a long way!

Working hours: You can plan your own working days and hours. Just let us know your availability and which districts of Amsterdam you prefer to be active.

We also organize workshops and activities at our boxing bags. If you like you can be involved during these workshops as an assistant trainer.

What’s in it for you?
As a Bagmaster you’ll contribute to our mission: free boxing for everyone! For a lot of people the step to join a boxing gym is a step too far. Many people don’t have the financial means to afford a gym membership. The Boogieland boxing bags are accessible for everyone and available whenever you want. At the boxing stations you can scan a QR code and download our free audio trainings. There are over 50 audio trainings available, fit for any level!

We have a reward program, so the longer you’re involved within the foundation the more goodies you will receive! Think boxing accessories and trial boxing classes. We also have our yearly team outing which of course you are welcome to join!

As a Bagmaster you are part of a young and driven team that aims to make Amsterdam a more beautiful and healthier place to live!
For more information on our foundation check:

Do you see yourself as our next Bagmaster? Get in touch soon, we’d love to hear from you!

Vacature Kenmerken

Nieuw-West, Noord, Oost, Weesp, West, Zuid-Oost


Diversiteit en inclusiviteit, Duurzaamheid, Eenzaamheidsbestrijding, Gezondheid en welzijn, Sport


Buurtbewoners, Jongeren, Kinderen, LHBTIQ+, Mannen, Ouderen, Psychisch kwetsbaren, Volwassenen, Vrouwen, Culturele minderheden

Wat ga je doen

Kleine klusjes, Sport en spel, Technisch onderhoud


Inwerktraject, Uitjes en gezelligheid, Persoonlijke begeleiding


Redelijk NL (A2-B1), Weinig NL (A0-A1), Alleen Engels



Publicatie datum

6 januari 2024

Naam contactpersoon

Malika Saidi

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