Community-cook: Cooking like a local in west

Cook like a local for guests in west? We’re looking for the kitchenprince or princess to help us create special friday evenings.

Every friday evening we cook for ourselves and for others. Anyone can drop in and have a fresh cooked meal, consisting of an apetiser, main course and desert, and ofcourse some nice drinks. We like it fresh, healthy and delicious. Over drinks, we like to watch a movie on a big screen, or watch TV Het Gewilde Westen, our very own television station.

Cooking like a local in Amsterdam, automatically means a full international menu. Are you from abroad? Expat? Refugee? We’d love to taste your cuisine! Want to learn how to prepare boerenkool?

During these evenings as a guest and neighbour, you can fully explore your culinary skills. Most preparations you can do at home and finish everything in our kitchen. The famous Ten Katemarkt is just around the corner, which is where we get our fresh ingredients from. If necessary we also look after guests who are vegetarian, vegan or eat halal. We usually have 12 to 15 guests.

You’re not on your own, ofcourse. We have troops standing by to assist you.

Vacature Kenmerken



Ander thema, Armoedebestrijding, Diversiteit en inclusiviteit, Eenzaamheidsbestrijding, Gezondheid en welzijn, Kunst en Cultuur


Buurtbewoners, Jongeren, LHBTIQ+, Mannen, Ouderen, Volwassenen, Vrouwen, Culturele minderheden

Wat ga je doen

Begeleiding groepen, Burenhulp, Creatieve activiteiten, Gastvrouw/Gastheer, Horeca, Maaltijdverzorging


Onkostenvergoeding, Inwerktraject, Uitjes en gezelligheid, Persoonlijke begeleiding


Alleen Engels



Publicatie datum

7 april 2023

Naam contactpersoon

Renk van Oyen


Bellamystraat 376-378

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