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he Humanitarian Helpdesk of the Red Cross is a low-threshold and accessible helpdesk at a local partner organization that is in contact with people in need, such as undocumented migrants

The Humanitarian Helpdesk of the Red Cross is a low-threshold and accessible helpdesk at a local partner organization that is in contact with people in need, such as undocumented migrants. They often lack information about authorities and help in the city. The Humanitarian Helpdesk (HHD) is a physical location where people in need from Amsterdam are received, heard and helped on their way to existing Red Cross humanitarian assistance and/or other support from partner organizations. Two Red Cross volunteers are weekly present at the Helpdesk and people in need come for an intake.

The Helpdesk agents offer:
· A warm welcome
· Listening ear
· Question/need clarification
· Perspective (for action)

Perspective for action include direct help from the Red Cross with regard to food, hygiene and shelter, but also information about rights and referrals to access medical care or legal support. As a volunteer, you are supported in this by the Red Cross Integral Assistance coordinators who offer advice and follow-up during and after the intake. The Humanitarian Helpdesk is currently held weekly at four locations in Amsterdam, of which three are located in southeast. To make this assistance possible, we are looking for:

Humanitarian Helpdesk Agents

4 – 6 hours a week

voluntary work

Purpose of the work

As a Red Cross volunteer, you have conversations with those requesting help at the Humanitarian Helpdesk, you offer direct help and information where necessary and you (warmly) refer to other organizations. You administratively process the intake interviews and transfer case histories to the Red Cross coordinators where necessary. You spend 4-6 hours on this per Helpdesk shift.

Your activities include:
· Intake with people requesting help and requesting help
· Listening ear
· Coaching support
· Psychosocial reinforcement
· Giving information
· Warm referral to Red Cross help in consultation with professionals
· Warm referral to organizations, care and help elsewhere
· Digital administration of intakes
· Participation in Red Cross casuistry discussion

What do we ask of you?
· You are available for a Helpdesk shift (4-6 hours) at least once every two weeks.
· You are able to commit yourself to a helpdesk location in Southeast, since our assistance mainly focuses on this area.
· You are looking for structural volunteer work and want to commit for at least 1 year.
· You have a good command of the Dutch or English language. Mastery of Spanish, Portuguese or one of the languages spoken in West Africa is an advantage.
· You are willing to follow the necessary (online) training courses.
· You are willing to submit a VOG.

Who are you?
You are a person who has good communication skills, you are a good listener and you have a healthy portion of empathy for your fellow man. In addition, you can set your limits well, keep an overview and take steps together with the requester. You are firmly on your feet.

As a Humanitarian Helpdesk volunteer you have the following competences:
· You are flexible, attentive, independent, proactive and curious.
· You can make the ‘social map’ of Amsterdam your own and you like to delve into the target group such as undocumented migrants.
· You have an affinity with the basic principles of the Red Cross and act accordingly.
· You take your volunteer work seriously and are accessible, accurate and communicative towards the Integral Aid coordinators.
· You can easily get along with Forms and Teams.

What’s in it for you?
1. Structural volunteer work in your own city;
2. Satisfaction to actually help a fellow human being;
3. Increasing your knowledge and skills;
4. Contribute to new Red Cross relief efforts;
5. Meetings with special people;
6. Travel allowance and insurance.

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