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Buurtgezinnen’s motto is: ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ Families facing challenges are matched with a warm and stable family in their neighborhood. This way, children receive extra love and attention, and parents get some much-needed support.

Have you ever thought… Things are going well for us, how can we support a family in need? Our family is thriving, and welcoming an extra child into our home is a small effort for us. Or perhaps you’ve been through tough times yourself and still appreciate the support you received from those around you. Now, you have the chance to pay it forward to a family that has no one else to rely on, sometimes because their loved ones live far away.

You can make a real difference! Whether it’s having a child join your family on a regular afternoon each week or hosting weekend stays, your support matters. You could also lend a listening ear to parents, help them through challenges, and do something fun with the kids. Most support families dedicate half a day each week or every other week to Buurtgezinnen.

The type of support you offer, the time you invest, and the days you’re available are all up to you. You’ll work out the details guided by the Buurtgezinnen coordinator. Take this opportunity to make a meaningful impact and enrich not only their lives but yours as well. Join us and be the village that helps raise a child!

We are currently looking for an english speaking family or aunt and uncle who would enjoy spending some quality time with these two brothers. aged 12 and 8, have traveled a lot in their lives thanks to their mother’s work. During this period, the family experienced difficult times. Now they have settled in Amsterdam and are building a nice and relaxed life. Unfortunately, they don’t have any family nearby, which is something they miss dearly. Their mother would need some time and space to catch her breath. She juggles parenting with her job and care for her elderly parents, who live in the south of The Netherlands. This is why we are looking for a warm, supportive family where the brothers can stay a day and or night once a month.

We are looking for a loving support family in the Amsterdam region:

* That opens their home and heart to these brothers once a month;
* That would also enjoy spending some time together during school holidays;

Please reach out if you like more information; Shanna Le Double, coordinator Buurtgezinnen in Amsterdam-West, via shanna@buurtgezinnen.nl. Or call: 06-48683530

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27 mei 2024

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Shanna Le Double



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