Volunteers to Maintain a Peaceful Atmosphere

Quiet places have become increasingly rare in busy Amsterdam. The Basilica of St. Nicholas is such a unique place of silence. To preserve this peaceful atmosphere we need your help as a hostess or host.

You will find yourself in an oasis of peace when the large wooden doors close behind you and the silence engulfs you. The hustle and bustle of the city ceases to exist for a while. This is an exceptional moment for reflection whilst looking at the beautiful architecture, listening to organ music or the choir or reflecting on your faith. To maintain this silence we need your help.

By the way, it is not always quiet: on Sunday morning there are two celebrations with music, on Saturday the English-language Choral Evensong with beautiful hymns from the Anglican tradition and on Sunday afternoon Gregorian vespers.

Would you like to help us preserve a peaceful atmosphere silence in our busy city center? Sign up as a volunteer at the Basilica of St. Nicholas (or popularly: ’that church at the Central Station’).

What are your tasks?
To maintain a peaceful atmosphere, you sometimes have to remind visitors to take this into consideration. You will receive sufficient information from us to be able to answer the questions our visitors may have about the church. In principle, the building is open every day, but due to a shortage of volunteers, it is currently only open between 12:00 and 15:00. We would like to extend our opening hours. In which case, we would need more volunteers. You work in a nice team with other volunteers and there are regular volunteer meetings where you can meet each other.

The working hours are on Monday to Saturday from 11.45 – 15.15 preferably once a week, or on Saturday during the Evensong from 16.15 – 18.15 or on Sunday during mass from 09.45 – 12.00. In addition, you may be asked to put in extra hours on various holidays such as the Christmas Eve Mass, the Easter Vigil, weddings or concerts.

If this role appeals to you, if you like music and visual arts, if you like silence and if you are a fan of the Basilica, apply for this vacancy.

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21 februari 2024

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Diana Janssen

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