StartingSoon - Help us build an enormous environmental work of art


Hamerstraat 2, 1021 JV Amsterdam, Nederland

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In het kort

KLEAN is currently building a huge sculpture from recycled plastic litter. The sculpture will be 12 x 4 x7 meters large. It is supposed to be finished by the end of 2020.


At the moment the sculpture consists of loose pieces which need to be welded together (by using plastic welding technique). The larger pieces will be mounted on a solid contruction. On our page you will be able to see how large and beautiful this environmental structure will be as well as why we are building it.

Wat voor kennis of vaardigheden zijn nodig?

I need your help with welding (plastic welding) and the construction as well as your ideas as to how we can build parts which will be easily transported. Plus, it’s more fun to work together with you than on my own.

You have skilled hands and creative brain. You are capable of identifying what needs to be done and are not afraid to make mistakes.

Wat voor scholing krijg je aangeboden?

You will gain experience with plastic welding, learn about the problems which may occur during the construction of large sculptures and how to find solutions to these problems.

Wat krijg je er voor terug?

You will gain experience in creating large sculptures and feel enormously proud of having contributed to the creation of this sculpture.

You will also find out why art may sometimes be more important than politics.

Wat is de meerwaarde van dit vrijwilligerswerk?

In the past KLEAN created the sculpture “The World Of Litter”, a huge globe that floated on the IJ in 2012 and is currently in Terneuzen.

You'll collaborate on a work of art that will soon start its journey in the Netherlands, move on to Europe and beyond.


Friday from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m.

Hoe kom je in aanmerking?

Please send us a message via this website. We will contact as soon as the activities can start again.