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Bullewijkpad 51, 1102 LC Amsterdam, Nederland

Vacaturenummer: 1518392

In het kort

Creating a lively and inclusive community of people who actively subscribe to pursue CLT. More information about what a CLT is: \


- Communication plan and campaign to create an inclusive CLT community (e.g. which communication channels, how to tap into local network)

- Registry of CLT community and members (e.g. poll with 200-1200 signees, 100 members of CLT organisation)

- Plan for the upcoming five years to build/create an active community that will design and build, together with you as community facilitator, the CLT:

- Develop at least 3 program lines (eg. health, employment, education) a year to connect and mobilise the community.

- Based on needs and desires of the community, with the aim to create a positive impact in the neighborhood

- Test the sustainability of activities / program lines before integration as part of the CLT physical building

- Plan, together with the end users, to:
Finalize the purpose and the why of the CLT
Involve an inclusive group of people that will support the CLT, eg. poll in the neighbourhood.
Finalize plan to develop the CLT and the roadmap that will be developed.

Wat voor kennis of vaardigheden zijn nodig?

- Creating a lively and inclusive community of people who actively subscribe to pursue CLT

- Independently organizing and facilitating sessions with future users of the CLT

- Recruiting and involving future end-users

- Be the contact person for people in the H-Buurt

- Management of community channels (e.g. facebook, instagam, whatsapp or blog)

- Communicate with future members of the CLT

Wat voor scholing krijg je aangeboden?

- Coaching and supervision by Moses Alagbe (MCTC)

- Coaching and supervision writing proposals for foundations/subsidies by CLT project team

Wat krijg je er voor terug?

Fair financial compensation

Wat is de meerwaarde van dit vrijwilligerswerk?

bijdrage leveren aan de kwaliteit van de  buurt en betaalbaar wonen


Available for 1 or 2 days in the week

Hoe kom je in aanmerking?

When interested, write a short motivation letter to Moses Alagbe before 7th of September