Join the Doula's of the city in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam


Amsterdam, Nederland

Vacaturenummer: 1532462

In het kort

Adelheid+Zina is creating a piece of theatre about the unsung but oh-so-essential power of Amsterdam's women. Give your vitality, feminine wisdom and splendour a stage at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam


 Meet, share, rehearse and be part of a performance celebrating a glorious diversity of women from all over the city. 

Wat voor kennis of vaardigheden zijn nodig?

Whether your talent is listening, shouting, singing, cooking, celebrating things, building, dancing, weeding, promoting safety, facilitating, relaxation and recreation, public health, grassroots finance, boxing, cleaning or education, everyone can participate. We are counting on all of you!

Wat voor scholing krijg je aangeboden?

No formal training. 

Wat krijg je er voor terug?

The joy of being part of a strong, diverse network of women revving society’s engine on the stage of Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.  

Wat is de meerwaarde van dit vrijwilligerswerk?

Our society and economy are driven by a constant, never-ending and virtually invisible flow of daily actions performed and cultivated by women as a matter of course, often in addition to paid work and caring roles. 

This is rarely seen in its full dignity and beauty. The mayor is building a women's network, and we want to make it visible to the world.


After a personal in-take, rehearsals on various dates through to December. You'll need to be available for the 13+ performances 23 December 2020 to 10 January 2021 in the Stadsschouwburg, Leidseplein.

Hoe kom je in aanmerking?

To join us, contact us.