Middenweg Bovenkerkerpolder 6, 1188 WS Amstelveen, Nederland

Vacaturenummer: 1566986

In het kort

On our farm, the Meent, we put social and ecological values first. This welcoming place on the outskirts of Amsterdam offers space to people to empower themselves by producing sustainable food.


Our aim is to produce local and sustainable food for those who need it the most. We do this together with people who have few opportunities to participate in society, but who can further develop their talents and skills here. Would you like to keep our garden in peak condition together with other volunteers and participants? The garden here is full of variety. We have a large herb garden and a small vegetable garden where we could use more green fingers. By getting involved you could help with maintaining the paths and beds, harvesting, processing the harvest (drying/freezing/cooking) and growing seeds for the new season towards autumn/winter.

Wat voor kennis of vaardigheden zijn nodig?

This role will suit you if you have some experience with gardening, but if you are new to gardening you are also welcome!
It will be graet if you are also interested in farming / cooking / keeping livestock / DIY / woodworking / carpentry.

Wat voor scholing krijg je aangeboden?

It is possible to follow training courses via Volunteer Academy. In addition, workshops and excursions based on relevant themes, such as poultry farming, will be organized in the course of 2021.

Wat krijg je er voor terug?

Space to learn and develop. Working on land, taking care of animals. Being part of a special farm, near Amsterdam. Opportunities to gain knowledge and experience. Self-development is facilitated and entrepreneurship stimulated. Travel expenses and lunch are provided by de Meent; and the lunch comes partly from our own land!

Wat is de meerwaarde van dit vrijwilligerswerk?

This hospitable place outside the city offers space for people - who are stuck elsewhere in society - to empower thenselves by producing local and sustainable food together for social projects in the city, such as walk-in houses, reception centers and social supermarkets. By joining us, you will contribute to the creation of this extraordinary place.


Wednesday from 8:30 am - 9:.0 a.m. One  half a day per week (more often is also possible); on Monday, Tuesday 8.:30 - 9:30 a.m. tot 1.30 -2.00  p.m. 

Hoe kom je in aanmerking?

Own transport (car/bicycle) will be very convenient. Public transport is also an option, we'll reimburse costs of your travel.Click on the "respond " button and we will contact you shortly.